Manager Stream

November 7, 2017

If you’ve read the Introduction to The Dark Side, you know that if you can’t manage these undercurrents well, your career will stall and you might even find yourself slipping back. But a manager has a dual role.

You are both manager and employee

It’s no news to you that in some situations you are the boss with the responsibility to lead your team and in others, you are your boss’ employee, tasked with implementing her directions.

The Manager Stream

The Manager  Stream will address how to manage the undercurrents of work in your managerial role. Examples might be dealing with power plays from your peer managers or having a difficult boss while still needing to present a positive face to your staff. In addition, managers are often trying to help employees avoid the more negative aspects of the Dark Side both for their benefit and the company’s.

The five categories of the Manager Stream

But don’t forget the EmployeesStream

However, there are other situations, like being taken for granted on the job, or knowing when or whether to stand your ground against group pressure (Thinking yes, Saying No), where you are facing the same challenges as any employee. So while the management posts are directed at your leadership role, you can still benefit from reading the posts from the employee side. An added benefit is a better understanding why employees act in ways which you need to manage.

P.S. At the moment, the Manager Stream is being developed but you can still benefit from the Employee Stream until I have written more specifically for managers.

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