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Benefitting from Being In

Benefitting from Being In So you’re in. You’re invited to the TGIFs and the bull session isn’t complete without you. Congratulations. However, a seat at the table is not enough. If all you do is laugh at their jokes and nod vigorously, you’ll gradually but surely slip out of the in-group. To stay in, you […]

Is It Worth Being In?

Is It Worth Being In? It’s a lot of work to manage your position in the group. And sometimes sacrifice. So do you even want to be in? The answer is usually yes Generally speaking, the in-crowd gets the most perks, the best assignments, the most forgiveness for screw-ups. There are more chances to strut […]

Getting into the In-group

Getting into the In-group Okay, you’ve decided that you want in. How? Working hard? Taking one for the team? If the world were fair, that would do it. But plenty of hard-working, dedicated, and decent guys are thanked for their contribution but never invited in. Hard work is a given. In-groupedness seems something else. First, […]

Preventing the Slide into the Out-Group

Preventing the Slide into the Out-Group In the last post, we discussed whether you were being ousted from your work’s in-group. This post is about how to prevent that if you can. Verifying your status Before you panic, you need to confirm that you are actually on the way out. Don’t talk to your boss. […]

Are You Out or Going Out?

Are You Out or Going Out? If there are in-groups, it’s only logical there are out-groups, or at very least people who aren’t part of the in-group. And, as I outlined previously, whether you are in or out can materially affect the progress of your career. Even if you’d rather not play this game, you […]