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Showing You’re Ready to Move Out of the Joe Job

Showing You’re Ready to Move Out of the Joe Job In the last post, we discussed being in a joe job—that is, where you are not able to use the full range of your skills and abilities. However, one of the best ways out is to have a reference from this job which sets you […]

I’m in a Joe Job. Help!

I’m in a Joe Job. Help! You’re a salesclerk when you should be in the marketing department. Doing background research rather than writing the strategy. Being an assistant rather than a paralegal. Whatever it is, you’re in a job which not only doesn’t tax your skills but is downright boring. You’d like to contribute at […]

The Big Career Chance

The Big Career Chance The situation You have a new job as a tester for children’s on-line games.  Two weeks in, it seems like a pretty good place. The obvious leader is Larry, the senior designer. You haven’t quite made it in with the pack but you’re hopeful. Testing Pen is a programmer. You’re reviewing […]

Power Matters to You

  Power Matters to You In the last post, you were vying to develop a new company service. Despite your and Sarah’s best efforts, Mike positioned himself as the only one to do it. Why should you care? So, why does this matter? You may be thinking that you’re not power-hungry so this undercurrent can’t […]

Does your company have undercurrents?

  It can be hard to imagine that your work place has undercurrents, especially since, as I say, they are not well recognized by even the most astute office politicians. Undercurrents quiz To identify if your company does, answer the following questions: Who is influential/who gets listened to? The person with the best argument, however […]