Being an Introvert Can Do You In

June 5, 2017

Being an Introvert Can Do You In

As discussed in the last post, introverts are less likely to reap the rewards companies have to offer. Even if you are not interested in money or promotions, you may still want to learn to fake extroversion. Here’s an example of what happens if you don’t.

YOU are in a meeting with your boss, Jeff, and a colleague, Narita. A limited amount of extra research money has become available and Jeff will decide whether YOUR project or Narita’s gets it. You know that your research is more important than hers, and therefore it’s only rational you should get the money. Why is Jeff bothering with the meeting?

Narita: Hi, Jeff, how are the kids?
Jeff: Great, thanks. Kaitlain’s team just won the regional finals.
You: [silence]
Jeff: Guys, I don’t have a lot of extra money and it won’t have much impact if I split it between you two, so I’m giving it to only one.
Narita: Great, I’ve done the analysis, Jeff, and I can deliver three months earlier with the infusion of new money.
You: Can I see the analysis?
Narita: Sure, I’ll send it to you. Three months gives us a jump on production. We might be able to make the spring sales conference instead of the fall’s.
Jeff: Really? That would make us look great.
You: But we have to see her analysis first!
Jeff: Why do You say that?
You: Well, glitches still have to be worked out—you can’t predict when.
Jeff: Okay, why should you get the money?
You: It’s obvious. I have the more important project. It’s the rational thing to do.
Narita: Your project is more important? Let me tell you, bud—
Jeff: Hold on, Narita. But why is it better to give You the money?
You: I told you, it’s obvious. I will deliver a far superior project.
Jeff: But how specifically will the money help?
You: Well, I’ll have to give that some thought.
Jeff: Sorry, you should know that. I’m gonna have to go with Narita on this.

So this is how, even if you are not after a huge salary or corner office, your introvert tendencies can be a disadvantage. Being able to fake some extroversion might be useful. The next post will discuss this.

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